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Our goal with Tourney.Life is to make keeping track of tournament scores easy. Now everybody can post a Game Score. If you know a Tournament Game Score, load Tourney.Life, find the tournament, and post the score. It takes only a minute. The more Game Scores we can post the better.

It will simplify youth basketball tournaments. And keep everyone in the loop.

The Big Shoe Sponsored Teams – What To Do If Your’e Not On One

Just because you didn’t make the top AAU or select team in the state doesn’t mean you can’t get recruited. Many players that are college level players slip through the cracks every year. Even Stephen Curry almost got passed up. If your not on a national showcase team, here is what you should do to make sure your talents don’t go unnoticed. The Exposure Gap

The AAU “Scandal”

You have heard Kobe Bryant and others knock AAU basketball in America. Here is a great article on why I don’t believe he is entirely correct. There is a reason why there are less dominant NCAA teams holding number rankings for the entire year. There is a reason why small colleges can knock off big time colleges, or a guys like Damion Lillard coming from a small college can make a big impact in the NBA. The world of AAU is evolving with better coaches everyday looking to give back and share their knowledge to the next generations. Sure there are some issues with AAU but overall here is why it is good. Best Way to Develop Young Players

TourneyBuddy Competitors

It’s no surprise that there are a number of competitors to TourneyBuddy. And most of them are larger companies with more customers. But if you are like me trying to select an app or software to run your Tournament, Team, or League can be overwhelming. Every company claims their app will “solve all your problems!

But spend 30 seconds at and you’ll see amazing tools, but I suspect be 100% overwhelmed with the options. You don’t have time to invest in learning something new. You just want it to work.

So here is an overview of your best options. And of course, where TourneyBuddy fits in.


“Can’t live without” Feature: The “Krossover” provides advanced film management.

“What bugs me”: So many options to choose from and appears to be enterprise level so not appropriate for my Team or Club.


“Can’t live without” Feature: Live scoring is so simple with this app.

“What bugs me”: It can be confusing to claim a team and get started.


“Can’t live without” Feature: App is excellent and tournament tracking very easy to use.

“What bugs me”: Not everybody is using it because of the costs involved.


“Can’t live without” Feature: Integration of website, registration, and team management in one tool.

“What bugs me”: Request a Quote makes me automatically assume it will be expensive. And probably too big for my Team.


“Can’t live without” Feature: The individual event listings are well designed, easy to read, and full of the right information.

“What bugs me”: Pricing model results in wasted costs. And processing online payments gets complicated.


“Can’t live without” Feature: Team Roster & Scheduling is EASY and FREE!

“What bugs me”: Since we are just rolling out most features, occasional actual app bugs happen.

I’d love your feedback if you are a current user of one of these products. What do you love and what bugs you?





Why use TourneyBuddy in 2018

If I tell you what TourneyBuddy can do. And I can tell you how you can use it…. I’ve not explained the WHY.  The WHY of TourneyBuddy parallels the reasons you are a coach or the reasons your children are involved in youth basketball.

Why are you a coach? 

  • You love basketball
  • You want to help kids
  • You want to challenge players to be their best
  • … or you <enter your why here>

So WHY use TourneyBuddy?

  • It will save you time so you can focus on coaching
  • It will improve communication with families and players

What > How > WHY by Simon Sinek

Religion And Its Effects On Sport

“I play for fun” sounds pretty weak in comparison to the phrases, “I am a serious player” or “I play to win”! Whenever a “serious” sports family hears about a team that is JUST playing for fun, they overlook the players/team/league/tournament all together as though it is not up to their standards. Humanity has always been plagued with a comparative mindset, a mindset that allows for the determined, hardworking, superior to climb upon the shoulders of the best of the rest. Isn’t this what makes America great!? Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! This mantra is powerful and has put us in charge of our own destiny. This place of freedom can be abused, especially when it trickles down to youth sports.

Play for Fun? Or Play to Win?

It isn’t just youth sports, it is part of everyone’s day in the whole world! Let’s talk about religion and irreligion. Think about it, there are three ways of looking at life: RELIGIOUS people who believe in a higher being who they try to appease through obedience, IRRELIGIOUS people who don’t believe in a higher power and believe themselves to be in control of their own destiny and finally people who believe that God stooped down and became flesh in order to serve those who He loved, ultimately to die for them in order to reconcile them back to himself. This is called the Gospel, the good news of Jesus. Youth sports simply reveals what is going on in the depths of our hearts. We want CONTROL and since sport has “time and score” we try to control it.

What do I mean by control? Well, it is that feeling when you win. Everyone knows that sense of accomplishment when you finish the dishes, make 10 jumpers in a row, save enough to take your family on vacation or lose another 5 pounds. These are tiny wins and stacking enough of them together makes us a WINNER! The opposite is also true: dishes piled up, utter failure as an athlete, loads of debt and no family vacation, obesity because of lack of self-control etc. all these tiny losses stacked together would in theory make you a LOSER. We tell ourselves every day that we can control whether we are winners or losers at life based on tons of tiny decisions and we spiritualize it. The religious person might think, if I am a winner, God will love me and if I am a loser, God will be sad at me while the irreligious person may operate here, If I am a “winner” then I will have better control over my life, health and finances then no one can tell me what I can and cannot do.

The Gospel states that Jesus’ perfection is the only perfection that satisfies God’s demand and that those who trust in Him alone will receive that gift of right standing before Him, unmerited favor. This gift is called Grace and it really does create a third camp entirely. When a person understands that they are pleasing (right now) to God because of someone else’s goodness, they can experience FREEDOM. Freedom comes when you don’t have to hide anything knowing that you are accepted by the one who matters most. This is a place where sport can be played, FOR FUN!

I know this is a MASSIVE stretch to go from serious vs fun to religion, irreligion and gospel, but I think it is worth our consideration. If you are someone who believes that you have to “do” in order to “get” and you live life in an “if then” paradigm, you probably live in religion, it may not be formal religion but all religion is the same and there is a good chance that you are a comparative thinker. If you are a comparative thinker, sport may be something you try to control, therefore taking it out of the “FOR FUN” category. If you have experienced God’s grace in your life and don’t have to live with a comparative mindset, sport may just be able to be played “FOR FUN”.

In conclusion, whether you are religious or irreligious, you live your life with a comparative mindset. This comparative thinking becomes a place of bondage because everything is categorized into a good, better, best system or a set of tiny wins and losses. This DOES affect your view of youth sports. Ultimately, God’s view of you matters, but He doesn’t want you living as comparative thinkers where winning or losing in sport or the status of your team (serious vs recreational) matters, instead He actually wants you to live in freedom and to be able to “play for fun”.

I think there is a way for it to be “seriously fun”, but that is for another post.



John Wooden – Be-more-concerned-with-your-character

 “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

Explore for more information and inspiration from John Wooden.

How to Promote your Tournament on TourneyBuddy

If you are looking to attract more teams to your tournaments, check out the additional promotion you can do with TourneyBuddy. We allow tournament organizers and directors to post their basketball tournaments to Tourney.Life for free. Check how easy it is to get an extra attention to your tournament.

Step 1 – Register & Login
If you haven’t already Registered with TourneyBuddy, you can Register via Facebook or with your email. That’s it.

Step 2 – Add Your Tournament
Once logged in, visit and complete the required fields. You can add logo, description, links to your primary website, age groups, registration PDFs, and more.

Step 3 – View Your New Tournament!
That’s it. Each tournament has its own URL for you to invite people. See as an example. Each Tournament Listing has easy links to share throughout social media.

Simplifying the Youth Basketball experience.

13 Steps to Be a Winning Parent

Don’t be that parent that everyone avoids sitting next to at your kids events. Even in the stands the way you compose yourself as a parent can effect an entire teams moral and your kids performance. See these 13 steps for parents and how to you should conduct yourself throughout your child’s sports career. Step “Nine” is a must read!

13-Steps to be a winning parent