Our Story

In 2016, after playing in an AAU tournament with my son, I was complaining about how cumbersome it was to keep track of our team’s schedule, other teams, and our scores. All of the parents on our team were constantly loading PDFs, refreshing apps, and discussing the tournament. Often we wouldn’t hear about game times until we received a text-message in the morning. There has to be a better way to get everyone on the same page.

We launched Tourney.Life to simplify the process and meet the need for parents, coaches, tournament directors and fans. Tourney.Life is an open-forum to keep track of tournament activity: games, scores, teams, etc.

As a parent, coach, and fan, I’ve been involved in hundreds of games and tournaments. Parents need quick feedback on game schedules. Coaches need information about their opponents. Tournament Directors are swamped with information from multiple locations and dozens of games. And everyone wants to see how other teams in a tournament are doing.

I invite you to explore how Tourney.Life solves these challenges.