TourneyBuddy Competitors

It’s no surprise that there are a number of competitors to TourneyBuddy. And most of them are larger companies with more customers. But if you are like me trying to select an app or software to run your Tournament, Team, or League can be overwhelming. Every company claims their app will “solve all your problems!

But spend 30 seconds at and you’ll see amazing tools, but I suspect be 100% overwhelmed with the options. You don’t have time to invest in learning something new. You just want it to work.

So here is an overview of your best options. And of course, where TourneyBuddy fits in.


“Can’t live without” Feature: The “Krossover” provides advanced film management.

“What bugs me”: So many options to choose from and appears to be enterprise level so not appropriate for my Team or Club.


“Can’t live without” Feature: Live scoring is so simple with this app.

“What bugs me”: It can be confusing to claim a team and get started.


“Can’t live without” Feature: App is excellent and tournament tracking very easy to use.

“What bugs me”: Not everybody is using it because of the costs involved.


“Can’t live without” Feature: Integration of website, registration, and team management in one tool.

“What bugs me”: Request a Quote makes me automatically assume it will be expensive. And probably too big for my Team.


“Can’t live without” Feature: The individual event listings are well designed, easy to read, and full of the right information.

“What bugs me”: Pricing model results in wasted costs. And processing online payments gets complicated.


“Can’t live without” Feature: Team Roster & Scheduling is EASY and FREE!

“What bugs me”: Since we are just rolling out most features, occasional actual app bugs happen.

I’d love your feedback if you are a current user of one of these products. What do you love and what bugs you?