How to Promote your Tournament on TourneyBuddy

If you are looking to attract more teams to your tournaments, check out the additional promotion you can do with TourneyBuddy. We allow tournament organizers and directors to post their basketball tournaments to Tourney.Life for free. Check how easy it is to get an extra attention to your tournament.

Step 1 – Register & Login
If you haven’t already Registered with TourneyBuddy, you can Register via Facebook or with your email. That’s it.

Step 2 – Add Your Tournament
Once logged in, visit and complete the required fields. You can add logo, description, links to your primary website, age groups, registration PDFs, and more.

Step 3 – View Your New Tournament!
That’s it. Each tournament has its own URL for you to invite people. See as an example. Each Tournament Listing has easy links to share throughout social media.

Simplifying the Youth Basketball experience.

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