Should you let your child specialize in one sport?

We asked Aaron Dickson, “Should my child do multiple sports or focus on a single sport?” … check out his response.

Keep in mind the research does present some cautions on specializing.

When it does come time to specialize, two suggestions:

  1. Make sure your child actually WANTS to specialize. Don’t make it YOUR priority.
  2. Create a balanced training program so your child’s body strength and agility develops in a healthy way.

TourneyMachine integrated with TourneyLife Schedules & Brackets


TourneyMachine is an awesome tournament & game tool both for organizers and parents/coaches.

Now, if you have a TourneyMachine Tournament configured you can easily integrate it in to your TourneyBuddy Tournament Listing. You get the best of both worlds.

This simplifies the experience for everyone.




People involved in youth basketball games are forgetting their role

There are 4 roles in youth basketball: Players, Coaches, Referees, and Parents/Spectators. …and there is a problem. We are forgetting our roles.

  • Parents yell at refs. Parents are coaching from sidelines.
  • Coaches complain and yell at the refs.
  • Players are arguing with the refs.

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Transformational Coaching or just coaching

We’ve known Coach David Dickson for many years and he recently mentioned the book InSideOut Coaching & the idea of transformational coaching. Youth basketball is struggling in many ways & at times we lose sight of “the why” of sports. So we asked Coach Dickson:

When in your career did you discover transformational coaching?
And why do you think it resonated with you?

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First year coaching youth recreation team, any tips?

Hi all, this is my first year coaching in a youth (age 10-12) rec league and I was looking for any tips you might feel like sharing.

A couple of the kids are advanced for their age, but the majority of them aren’t and because of that I’ll most likely stick to basics/fundamentals at first (things like 3 man weave, Mikan drill for post players). Any other drills you suggest that are necessary to teach in terms of development?

Also if you have suggestions on books and videos I could look at that could help me get a further understanding of the game from a tactical standpoint, I’d greatly appreciate it. Anything helps!

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Inspiration from Jonas Hayes

…you make a decision now that you think you’ll be able to live with 10 years down the line.
Father of Jonah Hayes

How did Jonas Hayes end up at the Xavier basketball coach? Check out the storyContinue reading “Inspiration from Jonas Hayes”