Ready to call a college coach?

If the thought of calling a college coach freaks you out. Here is a full article from the NCSA, but we’ve condensed the key tips below. At some point you will need to call a college coach… you may as well be prepared. Fortunately, they all aren’t as intimidating as the guy pictured here!

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Nine uncommon recruiting mistakes

High school students communicating with college coaches with hopes of being recruited can easily make simple mistakes … and usually without even noticing. It is a great character development moment for students.

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Mixed up Perspective

Just read a short (3 minute) article from The Virginian Pilot and its worth a quick read. The idea that a player – after having rec’d a free education through a scholarship – would say: “The guys who don’t go on to the NBA, once they leave college, they look back and say, ‘Wow, I was exploited — and I have nothing to show for it.” … is a great example of the dangerous attitude of ungratefulness.

“The guys who don’t go on to the NBA, once they leave college, they look back and say, ‘Wow, I was exploited — and I have nothing to show for it.”

We’ve written about gratefulness on TourneyBuddy.

We all tend to think we are experiencing a tougher road in life than others. Whether it is a sibling that seems to have had an easier upbringing, other coaches that always get the calls or another kid that is getting all the game time. We all feel like we are running into a headwind and the deck is stacked against our success sometimes. As coaches and parents it is critical for us not to feed this resentment within our aspiring athletes.

Good coaches find ways to encourage gratitude within the team.

Gratitude is good for us and research has shown that those people that notice the tailwind in their life are more satisfied, sleep better and see the doctor less. Maybe thanking mom after the big game isn’t a cliche but an important step that recognizes the gift that even playing the game is, no matter the role.

So rather than seeing the obstacles and complaining about the referees, the other team, or a lack of playing time encourage your athlete to notice the tailwind in their life. It might just add to their enjoyment of the process and the success of your team.

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Different Types of Scholarship & Offers from Colleges

The process can be overwhelming. Here is a quick over of the types of offers your son or daughter may get from a school.

  1. Full-ride Scholarship: Will cover the major costs of attending college. It will include tuition, room & board, books and some course fees. It is a one-year commitment typically.
  2. Partial Scholarship: Typically a one-year commitment and will cover a portion of the costs of attending college.
  3. Preferred Walk-On: This means the coach would like you on the team but cannot offer any financial assistance at least for the first year. This is a great opportunity to earn your spot on the official roster.
  4. Recruited Walk-On: Similar to a Preferred Walk-On.
  5. Un-Recruited Walk-On: Similar to a Preferred Walk-On.

For more reference info visit:

Not sure about “red shirt”, “grayshirt”, and “blueshirt” options? Check out

Recruiting Myths

The NCSA identified these 6 myths about the college recruiting process.

At some point in your high school career you will need to become intentional with the process. Your decision to seek an athletic scholarship is evidenced in your early morning workouts, your unrelenting pursuit to be the best you can be. But there are a few strategic things to do to improve your chances of getting to the college you want to get to.

6 Myths of Recruiting:

Myth 1: My coach is handling my recruiting for me

Myth 2: I’ll just walk on to my top school. Why walking-on isn’t so easy.

Myth 3: I’ll focus on recruiting in the off season

Myth 4: I’m going to start recruiting my junior or senior year

Myth 5: If I’m good enough, coaches will find me

Myth 6: I just need to go to a college camp to get discovered

Ready to be more strategic? Read full article here.

How to navigate the confusing world of athletic scholarships

I’ve appreciated being subscribed to the NCSA website. They have regular insightful articles. Today’s email from them talked about navigating the confusing world of athletic scholarships. With the cost of college and the prestige of the “full-ride”, more than ever, parents are asking questions.

Bottom line, fewer than 2% of high school student athletes will be offered athletic scholarships. In NCAA Division 1 and 2 that is $3.1 billion annually!

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