Recruiting Myths

The NCSA identified these 6 myths about the college recruiting process.

At some point in your high school career you will need to become intentional with the process. Your decision to seek an athletic scholarship is evidenced in your early morning workouts, your unrelenting pursuit to be the best you can be. But there are a few strategic things to do to improve your chances of getting to the college you want to get to.

6 Myths of Recruiting:

Myth 1: My coach is handling my recruiting for me

Myth 2: I’ll just walk on to my top school. Why walking-on isn’t so easy.

Myth 3: I’ll focus on recruiting in the off season

Myth 4: I’m going to start recruiting my junior or senior year

Myth 5: If I’m good enough, coaches will find me

Myth 6: I just need to go to a college camp to get discovered

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