The Balance in being Highly Competitive in Youth Basketball – the “I GET TO” attitude.

We asked Aaron Dickson this question:

How do you balance being highly competitive in athletics (and wanting to succeed at the highest level) with values of teamwork, compassion, and humility?

We love his response.

Video Transcription:
Hi guys my name is Aaron Dickson and I want to bring you just a quick video onwhat it is to have balance is anathlete’s balance in life and I can tellyou that being competitive is awesome and I was once a very competitive myselfin the realm of athletics and so the question has been posed how do youbalance being highly competitive at the same time being compassionate beinghumble and being a great teammate and I just wanted to start with presenting aconcept of “I get to” many of us wake up in the morning and we feel that we haveto prove something we have to get to the weight room in order to to get biggerfaster stronger and there’s a little bit of a pressure there and it’s coming kindof from the inside if I have to do this in order to prove to everyone around methat I am significant and I’ll tell you something when you get to a place whereyou live life in an “I Get To” place you realize that everything is a gift I getto wake up “I Get To” get to the weight room “I Get To” shoot hoops “I Get To” live life, “I Get To” be compassionate, “I Get To” be humble, “I Get To” be a great teammate. I think that’s a fantastic place to be so I guess to answer the question is I think the best competitors that I’ve played against are compassionate I think the best competitors that I’ve played against the most competitive guys have a sense of humility about them it’s a strange it’s a strange concept they know that they have put more sweat in the bucket than anyone else which allows them to operate from an “I Get To” perspective instead of an operation offer an operation of oh man I have to make this basket in order to prove thatI’m significant no they say I’ve put the time in I’ve put the sweat in the bucket. I’m gonna go out there and play with joy I’m gonna go out there and play from an”I Get To” perspective and in that place there’s a level of humility that comes in there’s a love of teamwork trying to get everyone involved there’s a level of compassion as well so that’s my encouragement to you guys this is Aaron Dickson again and hey I just I’m excited to be with you Tourney.Life is a fantastic place to be. I hope that’s an encouragement. “I get to” and so do you go play hoops go lift weights wake up in the morning from an “I get to” perspective thanks so much.