What can I do to increase my role with the High school program? (thoughts, idea’s and suggestions)

Currently I am the 9B coach, and recently got done with my meeting with the varsity coach. Since there are no coaching spots at the higher level we agreed that it would be a good idea for me to expand my role with the program so I continue to grow as a coach.

Other then doing practices and games for my team, the only other thing I have had to do is Scout about 60% of the games for varsity last season

Today the Varsity coach emailed me saying my increased role was going to be to scout even more so the other 9th grade coach can be at their games instead of on the road. Although getting more reps at something will help me improve, I don’t feel like it is helping me learn any new skills or helping me toward becoming a Varsity coach myself, and is more for the other coaches benefit who is starting to burnout. (From coaching so long and some recently frustrating seasons)

So do you have any ideas on what I could do to continue to expand my role in the program or things that could help me toward my goal of being a head coach? Is my frustration from unwarranted?

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