Trying to improve my game

I don’t really have the money to have a coach come out and help me but maybe I can wrangle up some tips from you guys on Reddit.

I am 18 years old. 6’5″, 170 lbs and started playing basketball two years ago.

That’s right two years ago. After watching a college basketball game. It inspired me to play. Ever since I’ve been playing. I am still in High School. Going onto my junior year so I have time to still play ball. But my skill needs to improve a lot because my confidence level is low and my shooting percentage is also low. I’ve been getting better every day but I need real help, or just real drills and tips/tricks.

I really don’t know what to ask but just to leave it on this one note. I wish to improve my game. I am tall but I feel like I can be a good shooting guard and not a post. I really don’t know what do you guys think.

Email me if you have some in-depth info for me. I’d highly appreciate that!

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