Free Throw National Championship

The Elks National Hoop Shoot is this weekend. You think you have what it takes to win? Regional Boys and Girls were hitting up to 23/25 free-throws. Last year’s 8-9 Boys & 12-13 Boys category hit 25 out of 25 to win.

In the Northwest Regional:

Division Winner Lodge Sponsor Score
8-9 girls Kassie Koski Raymond, WA, Lodge No. 1292 23/25
8-9 boys Lincoln Niemi Shelton, WA, Lodge No. 2467 23/25
10-11 girls Ally Shelley Palmer, AK, Lodge No. 1842 20/25
10-11 boys Nolan McCormack Tualatin Valley, OR, Lodge No. 2780 22/25
12-13 girls Alexis Heath Coeur d’Alene, ID, Lodge No. 1254 21/25
12-13 boys Housten Kuenzi Silverton, OR, Lodge No. 2210 21/25

So stay tuned to hear who won the National Championship!