18 Lessons learned from 27 years of youth sports parenting

Take it from Larry Stone, who has learned a few lessons over 27 years of youth sports parenting:

“There are a few tricky or annoying aspects of your offspring’s sports participation, but mostly, you’re going to want to savor it before it goes by in an instant.”

Larry explains in his article that as his 27 years of sports-parenting comes to a close…

That realization was kind of emotional, I’ll admit. We’ve already been dealing with the empty-nest syndrome. Now I guess it’s time to ponder the empty-bleacher life.

Naturally, I’ve been reflecting about the good times and the bad as a youth-sports parent (and fortunately, we had far more of the former). I thought I’d present some of the lessons I’ve learned over the years – some of them the hard way.Continue reading “18 Lessons learned from 27 years of youth sports parenting”